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10-4 is national CB day, who would have guessed it would still be used during the internet and skype era

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 by admin

President Carter designated October (10th month) 4th as National Citizens Band day back in 1978.

First Lady Betty Ford was also reportedly an avid CB radio operator. Her CB “handle” was “First Mama”.

Before Citizens’ Band was created, you needed a license to be on the air, with almost no exceptions. Radio was seen as Serious Technology For Serious People, nothing for normal folks to fool around with, at least not without government approval.

Citizens’ Band put an end to that, not by regulatory design but by popular fiat. Originally, a license was required for Citizens’ Band, too, but masses of people simply broke the law and operated without a license until the FCC was forced to bow to reality.

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