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Archive for October 3rd, 2017

A Sherman tank that landed at Normandy, and went on to liberate Paris and then rolled in into Berlin is pissing off an HOA in Houston Texas…. I can’t believe Texans would find it unappealing, but… old biddys, ya know? Well, this Marine vet of the Gulf War don’t give a shit

October 3rd, 2017 by admin

Who is Tony Buzbee? (the tank owner)

He grew up poor in Atlanta, Texas, one of four children of a butcher and high school cafeteria worker. “I’ve done that beyond any of my expectations.”

Buzbee mowed yards and worked at other jobs to make payments on his first car, a used 1974 Jeep CJ5.

He attended Texas A and M University on an ROTC scholarship, graduating in 1990.

After college, he entered the U.S. Marine Corps. As an infantry officer, he served in the Persian Gulf and Somalian conflicts, where he commanded various units.

He later was selected by the Marines to become a special forces officer, commanding an elite recon company in the fabled First Marine Regiment.

After Marine Corps service, he entered law school at the University of Houston. One of his first big wins came in 2001. Buzbee represented offshore drilling workers who alleged their wages had been suppressed by their employers. He won a $75 million judgment against Transocean Ltd.

He was notable last year for hosting Trump for a fundraiser —

And he’s earned a high profile in recent years, first defending former Governor Rick Perry on felony charges, then helping with Perry’s presidential campaign (

Happy Deer Hunting Season!

October 3rd, 2017 by admin

Michigan deer hunting seasons:


a petrified wood gas station in Decatur Texas, out of business, but still a photo shoot location

October 3rd, 2017 by admin

See original here:
a petrified wood gas station in Decatur Texas, out of business, but still a photo shoot location