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Il Drago Ruggente, an Isotta Frachini 27 liter, V12, 800hp engine came from a Caproni bomber, frame of a Delage. The plane came to Sweden in December 1940 and was scrapped in 1943.

Thursday, April 20th, 2017 by admin

An oil change is 55 liters of 20/50 zinc rich oil. Imagine how long it takes to empty 55 bottles…. and that is just the one oil change. 8 gallons of gas per 6 miles driven. 1.33 mpg…

After a long interview, so it was time to start. I jump up in the Drakensberg. Starts petrol pump and ask Magnus open air valve, while I start spinning the starter magnet and waiting for a bang when kicks off the engine, but it is not! There was only a small puff of smoke, and that was all. Ungrateful Drake, with all the care it received prior to the start.

We took a quick decision to pour in some extra gasoline directly into the carburetors. It may take a real shot (6th 98 octane with wormwood), in order to get a grumpy old man. Speaker asked what happened and I explained that he is a bit grumpy and need a shot, all older men need to get started. He was not slow to instämma- the Yes Indeed!

Ten minutes later it was the pressure of the air tanks and into the bloodstream at the top! And so we were finally ready to start again. Before we started, so I said to Bo to check that no one is standing behind the Dragon when we kick off. Partly because the smoke, but also for the flames. Magnus opened the air valve and I started the petrol pump and started cranking the starter magnet. 2 seconds later so pulled engine running noise and bong. Damn the smoke from the exhaust pipes. Bosse who went behind the vehicle to warn the audience completely disappeared in the smoke.
Glen Billquist from Sweden

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