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Mooney Warther, master carver, and his masterpiece. The Great Northern Mountain type 4-8-4 locomotive consisted of 7,752 individually carved pieces. Made from ebony, ivory and pearl.

Friday, February 3rd, 2017 by admin

Mooney, as Ernest was known, was a mill worker who started a new career making knives, then became famous for the train engines he masterfully carved from walnut and ebony, mother of pearl and ivory.

the carving was completed in 1933 when Mooney was 48 and at the top of his form.

He lived in Ohio, and his hobby was carving steam locomotives in his spare time, and these are undoubtedly the finest things any man has ever refused to sell.

Each model locomotive is entirely hand carved by this extraordinarily gifted man using no lathe nor machine tools of any sort. The motion parts are all operable as well on each locomotive.

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