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one of the things that made the USA a cool place to be, was the firefighter team competitions… on Long Island they used to race cars as part of the championship… some far out hemi cars too, backwards Corvettes, etc. Crazy shit, I LOVE it!

Monday, January 9th, 2017 by admin

Back in 1965, ABC ran a television show called Wide World of Sports. On one of their shows they had a fireman’s competition between different fire departments in the country. The competition involved putting five fireman on the back of a homemade firetruck and taking off from a dead stop and hooking hoses to fire hydrants, unloading ladders, etc. It was like a quarter mile of competition to see who could do it the fastest time.

the above Dart is an altrered wheel base wrinkle wall monster, a Super Stock Hurst special?

One of the fire departments on Long Island, the Central Islip Fire Department drill team used a 1965 hemi Coronet with a truck back end welded in place where the trunk would have been.

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