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Paul made a website about his fathers bike trips, and the result? Lots of great feedback, AND he was able to buy the Triumph his grandfather had, and that his dad learned to ride on!

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 by admin

Above, Paul, below, his dad

and his grand dad.. notice the license plate, of course, AP 1740

that’s pretty damn cool… well, it had been sitting a long while, so, to make it operable again, he started with the fuel system, and cleaning out the gas tank…

with some mechanical agitation before going on to electrolysis… but the evidence in the bucket shows it had starting rusting away

Skipping ahead to after the repairs were finished, I want to add this cool bit of the story:

With the bike outside, fueled up and ready to be started I popped into the garage to get a fire extinguisher – just in case and then stood alongside it ready to start it for the first time back in family ownership since Tom parted with it in 1946 – almost 60 years ago.

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