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SCCA Trans Am Boss 302 mods by Kar Kraft

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 by admin

The first step in Kar Kraft’s chassis preparation was minimising weight. Even though the SCCA rule book for the ’69 Trans-Am series specified a minimum weight of 2900 lbs for Group II 5.0 litre cars, the aim was to build the cars as light as possible and then bring them up to meet the minimum weight limit.

This was done by securing lead or steel ballast down low at various key points in the chassis, to move the car’s standard 55.9% front v 44.1% rear weight distribution nearer to the ideal 50/50 split.

This process of moving weight rearward was further enhanced by relocating the battery from the engine bay to the boot and discreetly lowering the engine by around 50mm and moving it back as far as the firewall would allow.

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