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40 percent of the Japanese auto market is mini micro cars, the "kei" which get incredible gas mileage, and for incredibly low price (thanks Concrete Rob!)

September 9th, 2017 by admin

Would you buy a mini car that gets 72 mpg for $6,637?

And how many would you like?

So, why the hell doesn’t anyone make them in the USA? Federal crash standards I suspect. All the legal safety requirements probably eliminates their possibility, but, keep in mind, you can still ride a motorcycle that has zero crash standards.

So… why any crash standards that prevent us from driving inexpensive high MPG cars? If you buy it knowing that you’re no safer than on a motorcycle, who’s going to lose their minds that you die in one if involved in a crash?

Damned if I know. But I’d pay 1/4 the cost, or, 1/2 the payments for 1/2 as long. How ever you look at it, it’s just a new tiny mini car with some new features like a good radio I expect

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40 percent of the Japanese auto market is mini micro cars, the "kei" which get incredible gas mileage, and for incredibly low price (thanks Concrete Rob!)

the Williams Garage vs hate filled neighbors with a vendetta… Or religious fanatics?

December 10th, 2016 by admin

For six years, three property owners on Martin Farm Road have waged a battle against Williams over his four-car garage that they say he is using to run a car repair business. His immediate neighbor, Margaret Foulke, said she has complained hundreds of times to Sussex County officials about noise, odors and traffic coming from Williams’ property, while neighbors John and Carol Kane, who live about 800 feet down the street, have complained about what they say is an illegal building on the property. “And we got nowhere,” Carol Kane said.

In 2014, the Kanes, Foulke and Foulke’s nephew, Robert Walker Jr. – who used to live in a house next to Williams on land bought from Williams – filed a suit against Williams in Chancery Court, hoping to stop him from working on cars in his garage and force him to tear down the structure that they say was built illegally.

A Chancery Court judge issued a memorandum in June 2016 opinion mostly in favor of Williams, denying the neighbors’ claim that Williams’ shop is a nuisance and that the noise and smells are excessive.

why has the 710 been left unfinished for 45 years?

June 16th, 2015 by admin

the green dotted line is where there is no freeway, and it’s all surface streets, and stop lights, and delays, to get to Pasadena.

I’m constantly baffled that the 110 and the 710 can’t get across Alhambra and Pasadena, and get traffic moving between the 210 and the 10.

20% of the Los Angeles County population lives in the San Gabriel Valley and in the east/northeast of Los Angeles yet there is NO North and South freeway to connect the 10, the 210 and the 110.

In 2001, and 2006, the legal stuff was passed to get the road or tunnel completed. Nothing yet.

Once completed, the 710 tunnel will slash traffic clogging Alhambra streets by 61% and reduce 80,000 daily cut-through trips.

In March, Caltrans, in cooperation with the Los Angeles County Metro, released an environmental impact report detailing alternatives for closing the gap. 2,260 pages of it.

no daytime speed limit of Montana, what happened to that? Answer – one asshole cop (Ken Braidenbach) pulled over guy (Rudy Stanko) who challenged his speeding ticket for 85mph in an unsafe area

July 8th, 2014 by admin

Neither Nevada nor Montana had a daytime speed limit before before the the 1974 action that made 55 the federal speed limit… and when the double nickel was repealed in 1995 reverted to the original anything goes at your own risk… Rudy, who is easily found by Google due to his frequent legal problems was driving 85 mph. No big deal, I do it a lot. But he was in some area with no shoulders, narrow, and had frost heaves (according to the asshole cop qwho had to come up with some reason to arrest the driver) was hilly and curvy, and the cop and the judge who dissented from the majority of the rest of the judges on the case found that driving over hills and around curves is inherently unsafe because you can’t see over hills and around corners. Appearantly, the judge and cop never do so. Saints among us, just absolute angels. (assholes)

So driving on a 2 lane in March 1996, in a 1996 Camaro with new tires, in full daylight, with no traffic and no other discernable elements to make his 85mph “unsafe” caused an asshole cop to pull over the Camaro. Damn cliche!

You can read the entire case, and it’s effing great to read the legal brief that explains the appeal to the speeding ticket based on the vague nature of unconstitutional, but in brief, the cop, and the effing attorney general of the state of Montana could come up with no reason to arrest and ticket the driver Rudy. SO :

¶ 28 It is evident from the testimony in this case and the arguments to the Court that the average motorist in Montana would have no idea of the speed at which he or she could operate his or her motor vehicle on this State’s highways without violating Montana’s “basic rule” based simply on the speed at which he or she is traveling.   Furthermore, the basic rule not only permits, but requires the kind of arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement that the due process clause in general, and the void-for-vagueness doctrine in particular, are designed to prevent.   It impermissibly delegates the basic public policy of how fast is too fast on Montana’s highways to “policemen, judges, and juries for resolution on an ad hoc and subjective basis.”  Grayned, 408 U.S. at 109, 92 S.Ct. at 2299, 33 L.Ed.2d at 228. -

CHP punching woman on the 1-10, for walking on the freeway. I guaran damn tee you that cops do not report treating people this way, unless they are caught on camera doing it

July 6th, 2014 by admin

So, like I’ve said before, record every interaction you have with cops, and any you witness where they are abusing their job… as they certainly will always get away with such astonishingly illegal behavior unless we catch the violators on film and get them kicked off the police force.

Imagine for a moment how many times that cop has sat through police brutality training, and beat up other perpatrators, who are “innocent until proven guilty” I believe the legal phrase is, and taken justice into his own hands/fists to punish/condemn/sentence people for anything he’s felt they’ve done wrong.

I bet you, all of you, that the California Governor, the California Highway Patrol Chief of Police, and this particular officers supervisor and department had does and says nothing about this.

The news had this to say: