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Who the hell was Peter Epsteen, and how’d he get Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr to sing commercials for him? A Chicago car dealer with friends in high places..

April 17th, 2018 by admin

Why do you think? Three little letters. M.O.B.

Most of the references on the Web claim that Sinatra did the gig for Sam Giancana, boss of bosses in Chicago from the late `50s to the mid-60s, a friend – if friend is the right word – of Sinatra’s since 1958, and the person who Sinatra acted as the front for in his buy into a piece of the action of the Cal/Neva Casino in Lake Tahoe.

However, it’s more likely that the favor was asked by one of the Fischetti brothers, Rocco, Charlie, and Joe. Charlie Fischetti was the Mob’s political fixer in Chicago, and a friend of Sinatra’s since the early `40s. Sinatra, nice guy that he was, used to go along with Charlie when he visited his mother in Brooklyn. Charlie died in 1951, but Sinatra and Joe Fischetti were also close friends. He took a trip to Cuba with the brothers in 1946, the so-called “Havana Summit” held by Lucky Luciano, a trip that would haunt Sinatra for the rest of his career.

Mr. Sam Giancana : My Life with Frank Sinatra By George Jacobs, William Stadiem

So, Pete Epsteen. What do we know about him? The Sacramento Bee newspaper once published a story entitled, “Palm Springs – Where Stars, Pols – and Mobsters – Live in Style.” Although not mentioned in the article, Pete Epsteen was referred to in a photo caption as “an automobile dealer financed by the Mafia.”

Represented by Sinatra’s attorney, Mickey Rudin, Epsteen filed a $6 million libel suit against the newspaper. He denied any affiliation with the Mafia and demanded a retraction. The Sacramento Bee published a story reporting Epsteen’s denial but did not retract the charge.

According to a Google Search, Epsteen divorced his wife in the `70s, moved to California, and opened a Honda dealership. In 1995 he was prosecuted for his role in a kickback scheme in which dealers in 30 states gave executives of American Honda up to $15 million in cash and gifts in exchange for hot-selling cars and franchises. He was also convicted of perjury in the case, fined $200,000, and sentenced to six months in prison. He died in 1997, in Palm Springs, California.

Peter Epsteen Pontiac was the largest-volume Pontiac dealership in the country in the 1960s. You wouldn’t have known it looking at the dealership’s tiny showroom in Skokie, Ill., a stone’s throw north of Chicago. I believe it held just one car.

But when it came to throwing a party for unveiling the all-new 1965 Pontiacs, no one could match Epsteen’s extravagance and talent for revving up the crowd and selling Pontiacs.

The whole rickety dealership franchise system is a dusty marketing vestige of an era when there were 200 American car manufacturers, each eagerly trying to ply their newfangled horseless carriages.

In the 1920s storefront after storefront of hawkers of Reos, Packards, Stutz Bearcats, Mercers, Oldmobiles, Fords and the like fought to sell cars.

As the dealership system boiled down, it ended up being a cash cow for the con-men left standing who used their government clout to safeguard their privileged market status.

No wonder organized crime began to move into the auto dealership game in Chicago during the 50s and 60s.

Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe: The Last Word By Adela Gregory, Milo Speriglio

and Peter Epsteen Pontiac sold a prototype Bonneville convertible, which ended up in Eagle River Wisconsin (fishing lake resort town on the famous chain of lakes where I spent a summer working at a resort the summer before my high school senior year)

It had a ‘58 front end mated to a ‘57 tail. “And it’s a special model, too,” the car rebuilder insisted. “A Bonneville, or something like that, with fuel injection straight from the factory.”

Paul Joseph was the President and Master Salesman of Peter Epsteen Pontiac in Chicago, IL from the time he graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in business after distinguished service and discharge from the Army in 1941-45 until 1972

He was injured in the Battle of the Bulge and received a Purple Heart and Silver Star for his efforts.

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Who the hell was Peter Epsteen, and how’d he get Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr to sing commercials for him? A Chicago car dealer with friends in high places..

Airstream photos coming out of the founder’s family album

December 23rd, 2017 by admin

above, in the 1930s, Airstream wasn’t restricted to just making the aluminum bread loaf shaped trailers we instantly think of when imagining an “Airstream”

Photography from the estate of Helen Byam Schwamborn, courtesy Dale Schwamborn, who is Wally Byam’s cousin once removed.

Dale was on many early Airstream caravans with Wally and was an advance scout on the famed African Caravan expedition. Dale’s mother, Helen Byam Schwamborn, worked at Airstream and formed the Wally Byam Caravan Club.

Because aluminum weathers considerably better than Masonite, especially when similarly neglected, survival rates of Airstream’s prewar Masonite campers are quite low.

Guess what this crazy thing is…..

August 12th, 2017 by admin

A prototype /

Bought as an investment, it only has 6 miles on it, and is still covered in cosmoline, and it’s one of only 51 964 Carrera RSRs ever built. It just hasn’t moved since 1993

April 28th, 2017 by admin

The 964 Carrera RSR combined the 911 Turbo’s wide body with a 3.8-liter naturally aspirated flat-six that pumps out an impressive 350 horsepower. Other RSRs went on to earn class wins at Le Mans, Daytona, and Sebring while this silver example languished unused.

It’s going to be aucitoned in the end of may, and they expect about 3 million dollars

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Bought as an investment, it only has 6 miles on it, and is still covered in cosmoline, and it’s one of only 51 964 Carrera RSRs ever built. It just hasn’t moved since 1993

99 year old Gladys Stroud enjoys wheeling around Las Vegas in her 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue, and says the secret to long life is cigars, sex, and scotch. No argument here!

March 27th, 2017 by admin

She came into the world on March 31, 1917, six days before the U.S. entered World War I and at a time when the maximum speed limit in most American cities was 10 mph.

While it’s fascinating to learn that the hamburger bun was invented in the year of her birth, it’s even more wonderful to be in the company of someone who has been around for a century and still has the good health to really enjoy life now.

Returning to New York after high school, she graduated from business school and met her first husband, Arnold Bazell. Their second child, Frank, a Green Beret, was killed in Vietnam in 1965. He was awarded the Silver Star for Valor.

Her only prescribed medications are for mild cases of high blood pressure and acid reflux. She also takes a few vitamins.

After parking the Olds the other day in her Peccole Ranch neighborhood in west Las Vegas, Gladys half-ran into her house to play mahjong.

the "Beast from Diest" wins the first Belgian medal at Paralympics

September 12th, 2016 by admin

Marieke Vervoort (1:07.62) won the silver medal in the 400 metres, and is the world record holder for the 400m. In the London Paralympics she won the gold in the 100 metres and silver in the 200 metres

Vervoort, who suffers from a progressive muscle disease, showed 1: 07.62 for second in the final of the 400m T52, the gold went to Canada’s Michelle Stilwell. Kerry Morgan of Team USA won the bronze.

“This is super, the first medal for Belgium’s inside,” said an emotional Marieke Vervoort afterwards. “These are my last Paralympic Games, I worked off my last race at top level. It went very well, I had to adjust any time. 1: 07.62 is a very good time. “

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the "Beast from Diest" wins the first Belgian medal at Paralympics

Gerstenslager, started with buggys in 1860, then made all kinds of specialty vehicles like the Oscar Meyer

October 19th, 2015 by admin

Gerstenslager’s history begins in 1860 when a 19 year-old German immigrant named William T. Wehe established a wagon works in Wayne County, Ohio. during the 1870s and by 1880 the Wehe Company was one of Baughman Township’s largest employers.

In 1882 a young blacksmith of German descent named George Gerstenslager went to work for the Wehe Company. His younger brother Barney (b. 1868) became associated with the firm and George eventually became its manager. Sometime around 1890 William T. Wehe retired, and the two Gerstenslager brothers purchased his share in the business which became known as Weimer and Gerstenslager.

In 1904 the Weimer’s retired and sold their share in the firm to the Gerstenslagers, manufacturers of Buggies, Phaetons, Surreys, etc.

The brothers moved to a bigger city and reorganized as The Gerstenslager Company, Wooster, Ohio. They continued to manufacture the same high-quality vehicles that they had built in Marshallville, only on a much grander scale. Commercial delivery vehicles were in great demand at that time and Gerstenslager gained a reputation as a premiere builder in the field.

The emergence of the automobile, and in particular, Henry Ford’s Model T did not go unnoticed by Gerstenslager and in the mid-teens, the firm began offering commercial bodies for the popular horseless carriage.

Although some very early Ford trucks were sold with commercial bodies, Ford discontinued the program in 1913; leaving the field wide open for enterprising commercial body builders through 1924 when the first factory-built Ford Model T pick-ups were introduced.

Barney and his son, George Gerstenslager Jr., went on to create a successful string of dealerships as Barney Gerstenslager and Son, Co. By the late thirties they owned Ford dealerships in Wooster, Cincinnati and Cleveland, which were operated as Barney Motor Company, Inc. in order to avoid confusion with the family’s truck body business.

Gerstenslager’s high quality truck bodies remained in demand and they were able to survive the Depression.

By the late 30s the US Post Office’s existing fleet of Model A Parcel Post delivery trucks were on their last legs and in 1940 the Government began a replacement program which included new ¾ ton Ford trucks with bodies supplied by Gerstenslager

The multi-year contracts were cancelled at the start of the war and the firm ramped up for wartime production, producing cargo boxes and trailers such as the G569 6-ton shoe-repair semi-trailer and the G518 1-ton cargo trailer. Other unknown types of vehicle bodies were also built by Gerstenslager during the war, for instance U.S. Army Technical Manual #9-2800, Military Vehicles, lists a 1-ton Dodge carryall fitted with Gerstenslager body.

Following the war, Gerstenslager was faced with stiff competition from firms mass-producing delivery vans, so they looked for new niche markets, and hit a home run with the Pioneer Bookmobile.

The success of the bookmobiles led the firm into other niche markets and starting in the early 1950s Gerstenslager began to market their purpose-built civil defense, ambulance and rescue bodies to municipalities and volunteer fire departments in nationally-distributed periodicals as well as in dealer-only truck equipment catalogs such as Chevrolet’s Silver Book.

Although most of Gerstenslager Civil Defense trucks were less elaborate, they built large numbers throughout the 1950s and 1960s. They incorporated many of the Civil Defense body’s features into their new line of fire squad and rescue car bodies that debuted in the early 50s.

The years from 1950 to 1954 brought five new versions of the Oscar Meyer Company’s Wienermobile, one of which is in the permanent collection of the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan.

1950s. By the end of the decade they were producing a fair number of the vehicles for county health departments and rural and inner city hospitals. A dedicated Mobile Medical Unit catalog included Mobile X-Ray units and Dental Clinics built using the firm’s Transit Van and Parcel Delivery bodies.

Gerstenslager also produced small numbers of Transit Van-based Product Demonstration and Display Vans for well-heeled manufacturers as well as a handful of Mobile Canteens for the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Also pictured in their catalogs were mobile shoe stores, field offices and motor homes.

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how did the king of England get "That Woman" into Balmoral (the castle owned by the king, not the English people)? With a coach built Rolls Royce of course

September 12th, 2015 by admin

Most people have heard how Wallis Simpson was the Achilles heel of the king of England, the cause of Edward VIIIs renouncing the throne, causing the head of English royalty to be a queen ever since, and all because she was a divorcee from America.

The Rolls-Royce – chassis no. 1346 – was used by the royal family until 1940 and after its subsequent sale, the car and the shooting brake coachwork were subsequently separated. Another Silver Ghost – chassis no. 107EM – was then fitted with the discarded ex-Edward VIII Barker coachwork in the 1960s

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how did the king of England get "That Woman" into Balmoral (the castle owned by the king, not the English people)? With a coach built Rolls Royce of course

I’ve been challenged to do a better top ten list of the coolest Collector Car Barn Finds, but I can’t narrow my list down to less than 25

December 12th, 2014 by admin

the Bailon Collection

Best sales pitch you may ever read

February 9th, 2014 by admin

2013 GMC 2500 Denali. $45,000. Below Blue Book!!!! Why you ask? This truck may be more loaded than an Irishman in a whiskey-drinking contest, but it is no Sunday driver. It is a ¾ ton, 4-wheel drive, luxury work horse and it was cast from smelted bullet casings and stealth fighters by God’s own iron fist to be rode hard and put away wet. It may have a couple of scratches on it but that is ok. And do you know why? Because it’s a truck. And you’re a man. And together you are Maximus Meridius from Gladiator. And while women may swoon at your kind hard heart and gentile touch, underneath it all you are a BAMF who doesn’t back down from a fight and you have the scars to prove it. Because you sweat pure gasoline, and bleed oil and all you need is your 360hp Vortec chariot to get you to the promise land.

Your boats and snow machines are nothing but a light snack for this 6-speed auto, HD, demon-powered towing machine. With its Z71 Off-road package, you can enter dirt track races while towing your 17,800-lb life-size robot collection and a hot tub full of topless super models, and still win. All while outrunning the cops and mowing down zombies with your Mack truck-resembling chrome front bumper.

More technologically advanced than the Starship Enterprise, this truck will transport you in style while trusting you with all of its secrets. Wondering what your oil pressure is but don’t want go outside to check? Simply consult your smartphone and unveil everything you desire to know. Tire pressure, engine temperature, gas level, oil pressure, can all be summoned and accessible to you alone at the touch of your fingertip. Your friends will start to wonder how you became so wise and the Oracle from the Matrix will be calling to ask you for advice.

With its 6.0 liter V8, this truck will transport you to your destination faster than you can say Bad Mother Fu@#er and will arrive with about the subtlety of a tectonic plate shifting during the 1964 earthquake. Yes people will stare, my friend. Because you are always the winner in the reaux sham beaux that is your life; because rock trumps scissors, paper trumps rock, but a swift kick to the balls trumps paper, every time.

The rear automatic sliding glass window allows you to make sure that the grizzly you killed with your bare hands hasn’t come back to life. Or the sled you loaded up to high mark Mt McKinley hasn’t budged an inch. Since your 6 1/2′ bed is Rhino Lined with ¼” of near bullet-proof rubber, your big boy toys will be safely transported to the fiery inferno’s of hell and back, because that is where you go to play.

But what about the interior you ask? Hundreds of lambs died an honorable death to effectuate leather soft enough to make-up this hulk’s supple interior. The climate can be controlled to subliminal perfection by the shear omnipotent power in your callused right hand. The perpetually-complaining-about-the-cold woman in your life will be happy to know that heat can be generated at the touch of a button that will literally light a fire under her ass. In addition to heated (and cooled) seats, it’s power can be summoned from anywhere on the planet; it’s 8 powerful pistons coaxed into roaring to life for you alone, because you are the Lone Ranger, but Silver has nothing on this faithful steed. Sitting in the command center of this 2013 batmobile black, panty-dropping stallion, you will have more features at your fingertips than that kid David in “Flight of the Navigator,” but you will look like a lot less of a douche, because you aren’t flying a talking space ship 3 yards from the ground. You’re Han Solo, flying the Millennium Falcon, and The Force is for pussies.

Yes, this truck may have more options than a menu at Village Inn, but don’t let its Babylonian luxury fool you. It may have you feeling richer than a Russian Czar but it is about as tameable as a rogue wave and will chew you up and spit you out if you do not give it the respect it commands. But command it you will, and respect you will have because this truck is intimidating. Corvettes, Challengers and other gutless vehicles scurry out of its way, even when it’s in the slow lane. The pilot car in construction sites escorts it through immediately, even when it’s the only vehicle in line. It can out run the cops in 2nd gear, and does. It will park in a handicap space, then tow the tow-truck away. It will be the best man at your wedding, sleep with your bride, and never call her again. Yeah, it’s that bad.

If you like the looks of this truck but don’t think that is worth every bit of $45,000, then do not bother calling. Because this truck is the lovechild of Optimus Prime and Kitt from knight Rider and if you don’t recognize its true potential, than you do not deserve to be at the helm of such an almighty machine.

Skip the dealership, all you will get there is a long-winded sales pitch

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