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The Duemila Route (2000 Wheels) collection, once the pride of Italian private security magnate Luigi Compiano, was seized by Italy and sent to auction in forfeit of unpaid taxes. The largest single automotive collection ever offered for auction in Europe

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 by admin

The collection was the property of Italian Luigi Compiano and was confiscated by the Italian Government to recoup around €14 million owed in back taxes.

Compiano was quite the Porsche fan – he had more than 70 examples – as well as over 60 Jaguars, nearly 50 Ferraris, and dozens of Lancias, Alfa Romeos, and Maseratis.

430 cars, 150 motorcycles, 60 boats and racing hydrofoils, 117 bicycles, bobsleds,

for the prices of the most desireable cars:

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