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the Porsche 917 in the "hippie" colors

Saturday, December 24th, 2016 by admin

In 1970, it was Martini Racing’s Hans-Dieter Dechent who offered his factory 917-043 for Porsche’s recently appointed designer, Anatole Lapine, to decorate.

Departing from the planned white-with-red ‘script’, Lapine penned the swirling ‘hippie’ design, first laying purple and then matt fluorescent green on factory-fresh white Porsche paintwork. The work was completed over the Le Mans week, using some 1,500 spray cans.

In 1975 Vasek Polak, with his unique connections, bought this car from the factory, the only complete 917L ever sold by Porsche.

It was sold as chassis 917-044, reportedly the car crashed by Kurt Ahrens in pre-Le Mans tests at the VW test track in 1970 and never subsequently raced.

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