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the Pur Sang Nicola Romeo

Monday, October 16th, 2017 by admin

The engine is an Isotta Fraschini airplane six-cylinder 14.7-liter with 250-horsepower.

The work was completely handcrafted in the workshops of Pursang in Paraná , Entre Ríos,

Pur Sang is a group of artisanal enthusiastic mechanics and designers, with endless ideas including building aircraft engined specials in the style of the post-WWI era. What goes on at Pur Sang is amazing.

In the end, though, the process is less significant than the people, who are – and realize they are – privileged to work in an environment that creates marvelous objects. Yes, it’s a job, and at 5 o’clock they head out to their families but the pride and satisfaction they take from what they do, and in doing it well, is tangible throughout Pur Sang, from Leonidas Anadon, Pur Sang’s padron, to the second generation assembling cars and gearboxes with their fathers.

The rest is here: 
the Pur Sang Nicola Romeo

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