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this amazing crazy true story of the Billy Goat Acres Mob is now ready for a repost thanks to the many relatives of these hooligans commenting on it

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 by admin

The names of the six boys were Howard McAbee, Jack, Steve Bales, Joe Bales, Dale and Roy Bales and their dog Butch.

Howard was the driver because he was taller then Steven and said he knew how to drive. The three oldest went to jail for boys for what they had done.

Carl Stewart commented a couple times (thanks!) with info, and just wrote in with this background to the photo:

Steven wrote the story before he passed away; he was the oldest of the group at 13 and because of a problem at home he decided to run away from home. His two young brothers Joe and Roy not to be left out, went with him.

The other boys Howard, Jack and Dale all seen them and just had to join in on the fun. They went from Billy Goat Acres in a stolen car out of Bakersfield. This car broke down after flat tires. Then then stole a car in the mountains only to run out of gas in Mohave. They then stole another car and drove to New Hall where the police shot into the car not knowing they were all just kids that were to scared to stop.

From another website:

Billy Goat Acres was a poor neighborhood in Bakersfield.

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