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Unicorns DO exist. I found one. A beautiful young woman who went out and bought a cool old car for no other reason than she loves old cars. Meet Chris, and her ‘72 Maverick, Holly

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 by admin

If Holly wasn’t your first choice, what was and why?

My first choice was not a Maverick, I had no idea this car actually existed. But I’ll get into that later. My dream car was a Chevy Nova. I was a freshman in high school and one day I was getting on the bus after school and when I looked out the window there it was. A shiny chrome silver. 5 star rims and two black stripes down the back. I was completely in love and I searched it quick before the bus took off for its name/model anything that could tell me what I had just fallen in love with. On the grill I saw the letters SS and on the side in the nicest font I’d ever seen on a car was the word Nova. I googled it as soon as I got home and from that day on I would tell everyone I was going to buy a Nova.

How did that hunt for that car go, and will you try for that car again someday?

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