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What did the letters GTX represent?

Friday, August 4th, 2017 by admin

Gas Tires Xtras
Gas Tires and X Wife
Goat Xtreminator
Got To Xcelerate
Grand touring ….. xtreme?
Gran Tour Express
Grand touring experimental.
Grand touring exterminator
Gran Turismo eXecutive
Good Times eXtravaganza
G reat T orque X perience
Great To Excess.

According to Jack Smith, it was a business decision to just take the GTO name since they were selling so well. They couldn’t use GTO, so they came up with GTX. He said the X didn’t really mean anything, and was just a letter they decided to use.

In Jack’s words…

“I was there to become the manager of the mid-sized Plymouth product planning group. When I got that job, one of my first chores was to field something that could compete with that GTO. Thus, the Plymouth GTX was born. Frankly, it was just a philosophical copy of the GTO. We took a premium Belvedere with a premium interior, premium accoutrements and moldings—all that stuff—and added the biggest engine that Chrysler had, the 440 four-barrel. A very strong car! It could easily compete with the GTO.

“And I can tell you how we got GTX, if you want to know. What does that X mean? It’s just a letter. We arrived at it in sort of a logical way, but it was a copy of GTO.”

or they are all wrong and Ma Mopar actually did print a definition:

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What did the letters GTX represent?

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