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who is to blame? Drivers for unsafe speeds on slushy roads? Or telecom workers on the far side of a hill….? OR the maniac filming this instead of getting to the other side and slowing people down, warning them, and calling cops (which did happen, they took 30 minutes to arrive) to get involved to prevent more collisions?

Sunday, December 18th, 2016 by admin

This has to be the most bonkers thing I’ve seen all week. All these locals OUGHT to know how dangerous it is to drive on this road, with slush on it.

But the situation is a danger magnet, and people in the ditch create looky loos, who either slow down to watch the people in the ditch or stop paying attention to the slower traffic ahead of them (truck at the end of the video) and run into others.

But the telecom workers ought to be freaked out by the number of people going off the road. They should NOT continue to be a part of the problem, and ought to get traffic control in place.

You decide… let me know in the comments if the telecom are at fault, or not. Anything you want to say after that is totally cool… but please start with “…. is to blame” or “…. is at fault, or not at fault.”

I’d like to tally the score on this one

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